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Dango Japanese is a website where you can learn Japanese, aswell as share your own knowledge of Japanese with others. Answer questions on the training page, learn a course written by a user, translate lyrics of your favourite song.. how and what you learn, it's up to you!

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Learn Japanese for free

Tired of all those websites asking you to pay huge amounts of cash for their lessons? Do you have an empty wallet all the time? Want to enjoy learning Japanese without spending a single dime?

Look no further! Dango Japanese offers you Japanese trainings completely free! While there are some premium features available, they are only luxury and by no means needed to learn this amazing language! This website is mainly supported by donations, a small amount of advertisements, and to a lesser extent some premium features.

Earn experience by training

Training module

This site features a fully working training module, enabling you to practice your Japanese. You can practice Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Vocabulary, and even questions about the Culture, Music, Anime and Manga, and much more!

You can even create custom trainings by writing your own questions and tagging them.


Annnd: Experience!! Anytime you answer a question correctly, you are awarded experience points. This is a way for you to show-off how much you have practiced your Japanese!

Set-up a scheme

Set up a practice scheme to push yourself in practicing Japanese each day. This way you get the most out of your practice sessions!

Level-up and learn structural Japanese

It goes even further! You can level-up by completing Advance Quests. These quests are insanely difficult tests that forces you to prove your knowledge. Should you bear the strength to pass such a test, you level-up to the next level! Because if this, your level is an accurate way to show your current proficiency in the Japanese language! The levels follow a structured line of learning, starting with the basics (Hiragana and Katakana), and follows the correct order of how you should learn your Japanese.

We will keep track of your progress

You can unlock modules on the "My knowledge" page for various question categories. Once unlocked, the system tracks your progress for each question you answer. This way you can easily see which questions you know, and which ones still need more practice!

Learn more about Japan

This site does not only focus on learning the language, but also features content about the culture and history of this country!


Write your own articles about Japan or read the articles of other users. Pin your articles to the map of Japan, and have other users share your articles!


Translate songtexts of your favourite Japanese songs, and show your work to other users!

Let's get started!

Create your account now to start learning Japanese!

Because Dango Japanese is a free to use website, it survives on money from donations, advertentions and ruby purchases. Please support our free website by donating any amount of money, so I can keep the site accessible for free!
Thank you very much in advance!